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Monthly Archives: November 2020

How to spot fake MAC Product

How to Spot a Fake MAC Lipstick?

In the past few days, we have seen makeup sold online and in local stores at a lower price than original. MAC lipstick replicas are also very common these days. How to judge whether the MAC lipstick you just bought is original or fake? There

Natural Lipstick Colors You Cannot Go Wrong With

Natural Lipstick Colors You Cannot Go Wrong With

There are times when we want to look completely natural with a little makeup. There are so many lipstick shades that you can apply in these situations and look natural. Here are 5 must-have natural lipstick colors you cannot go wrong with  Peach This is

5 Must have bold lipstick colors

Bold Lipstick Shades Every Girl Must Have

Your face looks bare without a lipstick on. Bold lipsticks make you look confident and amazing. My favorite 5 bold lipstick shades that every girl must have are listed below   Red           Red lipstick is a lifesaver. The classic makeup combination is a winged

Facial Yoga

Facial Yoga for a Toned Face

Girls admire celebrities and the first thing that catches attention is their face. How to get a toned face? Facial yoga is the answer for all such admirers. Some simple steps for beginners are   Smile wide   Smile as hard as you can and

Different Types of Jeans

This is in continuation of my last post where different types of jeans were discussed. The other types of jeans that are common and you should be aware of, are Flared jeans These are similar to boot cut jeans, however, their bottom is a well-defined

types of jeans

Types of Jeans

Not all denim jeans are just jeans; there are different names for each style. Learn about the different types of jeans to know which ones you have got!   Skinny jeans   As the name says, skinny jeans hug your legs and take the shape

party bag ideas

Small Size Handbag Guide for Girls

Handbags come in all shapes and sizes. Girls usually prefer the smaller sizes for parties and events the variety is endless. However, there are a list of favorite bags that are adored by almost every girl. Here is a  small size handbag guide for girls

Psychological effects of swimming

Psychological Effects of Swimming

Imagine the blue waves hitting the seashore, what do you feel! Peace and calmness that is how water pleases our mind and gives you positive vibes. We cannot always go to the sea, but swimming can be a routine exercise that shall bring you mental

Health Benefits of Swimming

Health Benefits of Swimming

Ever wondered what swimming could do to your health. It is not just fun, it brings many health benefits. Here are some amazing health benefits of swimming   Burns calories   Swimming burns calories and you do not sweat like other workouts. A 15-minute swim

An apple a day

An Apple A Day

“An apple a day keeps a doctor away.” Apples are packed with so many health benefits. They are the best fruit and a snack choice for everyone who wants instant energy. Some health benefits of apples are   Healthy intestine   Apples have good stores