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Small Size Handbag Guide for Girls

Handbags come in all shapes and sizes. Girls usually prefer the smaller sizes for parties and events the variety is endless. However, there are a list of favorite bags that are adored by almost every girl. Here is a  small size handbag guide for girls to help you decide which one to pick up 


  • Clutchparty bag ideas


When we attend formal events, we do not need to carry tons of things. A clutch is a stylish yet practical option to keep your cellphone, a lipstick, keys and other small things that could fit in the compact space. 

A variation is the envelope clutch that looks like an envelope. 


  • Cross body bag


Also known as sling bags, they are the absolute winners. You can wear these on anything and keep important things in it. The proper way to wear them on a shoulder and it goes around the front torso. Perfect for a girls’ day out.



This small funky bag is good for weddings or parties where you have to keep a cellphone and some mini makeup products. It cannot handle more than that. 


  • Wallet


Wallets also come in the category of bags. They are small enough to fit in a pocket and are used to carry money and credit cards. 

Now when you know all these types of bags, check your collection and find which ones you already have, and make a list for the ones you will buy in the next shopping tour. 


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