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Types of Jeans

Not all denim jeans are just jeans; there are different names for each style. Learn about the different types of jeans to know which ones you have got!


  • Skinny jeans


As the name says, skinny jeans hug your legs and take the shape of your legs. They are suitable for girls who have lean, slim legs and are not afraid to show them off to the world.


  • Boyfriend jeans


These jeans are not stolen from your boyfriend’s wardrobe. Actually, they are a bit loose on the hips and have a comfortable look. Girls with thick thighs and legs should wear this style, as it will look good on them. 


  • Straight jeans


If you want to go for something comfortable, straight jeans is for you. Shaped like a cigarette these jeans are suitable for curvy girls as the shape balances out the girls’ bulky figure.


  • Boot cut jeans


They fit the legs nicely from the top until the knees and get wider at the bottom. The 70’s style jeans are never going out of the fashion game. They make you look taller and are a good option for slim girls. 

These are some types of jeans that are famous amongst the masses, keep looking at this website to know more types. However, enhance your fashion vocabulary and know these names and preferences so you can choose jeans next time according to your body shape. Don’t forget tp pair your jeans up with a small handbag 

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