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Bold Lipstick Shades Every Girl Must Have

Your face looks bare without a lipstick on. Bold lipsticks make you look confident and amazing. My favorite 5 bold lipstick shades that every girl must have are listed below



Red lipstick is a lifesaver. The classic makeup combination is a winged black liner and a red lip. Just put a red shade and look perfect!


  • Maroon


This is the right shade for those who want to steal the show and are hesitant to try some other lip shade. Maroon is an evergreen shade that shows your inner diva and looks elegant on everyone.


  • Dark Brown


A brown lipstick is a sultry choice. It will make you stand out from the crowd as not everyone can carry this shade with style. It really looks perfect on saree as well western outfits.


  • Berry


A shade for the chic girls out there. If you have a cool personality and love to try different colors, berry is the next catch for you. Show your fun side, wear it on a pastel outfit and look glamorous.


  • Plum


A plum lipstick talks for you when you are quiet. A bold shade that only a few can dare to apply. However, it is an attention-seeker and makes you the center of attraction in a gathering.

All these shades should be in your makeup collection, so go buy them if you do not have one and share your favorite 5 bold lipstick shades you think every girl must have with us in comments. 

Also, check out how to keep your face well toned with these simple steps because these colors look more beautiful when you take care of your face too 🙂


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