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How to Spot a Fake MAC Lipstick?

In the past few days, we have seen makeup sold online and in local stores at a lower price than original. MAC lipstick replicas are also very common these days. How to judge whether the MAC lipstick you just bought is original or fake? There are a few tips on how to spot a fake MAC lipstick

How to spot  fake MAC Product

How to spot fake MAC Product


  • Look at the packaging


The real MAC lipstick is smaller while the fake one has a larger size. The cap does not fit the fake one perfectly, while the real one is just made for it. If you find a misfit cap, that is a fake one


  • The font


A bit tricky to recognize, but a fake MAC lipstick has the logo printed higher than the real one. In addition, it does not have a eat finish like the real mac lipstick. 


  • Color difference


You might judge a difference in the tint of the lipstick. The fake ones’ color is always different from the real MAC lipstick.


  • Bottom sticker


The authentic lipstick has a matte grey sticker while the fake one has a shiny sticker and has a larger size than the original one. 


  • The shape


The bullet shape of real MAC lipsticks is pointed whereas; the fake ones are rounded at the tip.


  • Scent


The real MAC lipsticks have a pleasing vanilla-like smell whereas the fake ones have no scent. 

I hope this helps you and spot a fake MAC lipstick and you are able to distinguish between the two before purchasing so that you don’t end up wasting your time and money. Also try these nude shades for natural look 


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